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Crouch & Crouch is located conveniently in the Arlington's Courthouse neighborhood near the metro:

2300 Wilson Boulevard
Suite 240
Arlington, VA  22201
(703) 528-6700


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Legal Disclaimer

When contacting Crouch & Crouch, please keep in mind: 

- We don't give free advice. 

- We do not guarantee the security of e-mail communications. 

- Even though we do many international and interstate cases, we cannot practice in courts outside of Virginia, EXCEPT when we are part of a team with local lawyers.


Of course we will communicate with you enough for both you and us to figure out whether we want to proceed to a paid initial interview. In the process, you may be able to decide whether to hire us to represent you, or we may determine that it's more appropriate to recommend lawyers in another geographic area or specialty.


Call us at 703-528-6700
or email us.


If there is no reply to an e-mail in a reasonable time, it may have been lost or overlooked because of spam and spam-filtering, so you should send another e-mail and/or call us.